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Interior design experts always incorporate mirrors in any space given due to their functional and esthetical aspects. They are practical, fun and pretty. Here are 7 reasons why using mirrors is the best interior design decision you can make.

The illusion of a bigger space

Reflecting a space gives us the illusion of a bigger surface, bringing twice the size to our visual field. Even if it is not a clear or a simple one-panel mirror, it still has the same effect no matter its shape, texture, or color. So feel free to choose whatever design you like!

Brings more light inside

Reflecting light makes a room look more spacious and accentuate the overall lighting mood whether it is natural or artificial. Placing the mirror in front of the light source is a great idea to maximize the effect and accentuate the desired mood.

Cheaper than a painting yet chic

Buying authentic art can be pretty expensive, mirrors can be great alternatives as they can be as decorative as possible and can reflect your beautiful interior. You won’t only have a nice element on your wall but also a forever moving picture.

You can never go wrong with one

It is always a good idea unless you’re reflecting a messy corner of the room or placing your mirror somewhere reflecting a private area to a public area. Just make sure your mirror is reflecting the right image and you’re safe!

It is practical

We all look at mirrors at least a couple of times a day, think about placing at least one mirror in each of these areas:

  • The entrance area
  • The closet area
  • All bathrooms (obviously)

These are the basics for practical reasons, once having these rooms covered, you can move to the living room, dining room, TV room, corridors, and bedrooms.

Creating optical illusions

You can get creative with different fun shapes like convex or concave mirrors making people look tall or rounded and creating a fun vibe in your space.

You can also create illusions with normal flat mirrors by putting them in unexpected places making your space a bit confusing and interesting.

Hiding imperfections

Not all walls are perfect, so hanging a mirror for hiding some imperfections might save you the hassle of repairing it.

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