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We all want our homes to look like royalty but don’t really feel like spending a fortune redecorating. Here are a few techniques – interior designer approved – to fake fanciness, without looking cheap.

Color palettes

Some colors give the impression of being more expensive than others.  Choosing the right shades can enhance your interior and give it a richer feel. Imagine a burgundy lounge chair and a bright lemon yellow one. Which is more expensive? Well, we all know it’s just an illusion, but it works simply because kings use to use burgundy and beach umbrellas are yellow. Just think of what the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the color, the fancier, the better.

Now after choosing the colors, you should make sure that they mix well, and that they are visually pleasing. Add some neutrals that match and Voilà! You have an expensive looking color palette.

Now when applying this palette, use neutrals as a base and color in accent pieces not only will your interior look more upscale, but it will also be easier to change with the seasons and as your tastes evolve. (LINK)


We designers cannot stress enough on how much finishing is important in product design. When it’s good it means that it will last longer and it will look better especially in the long run.

Finishing is the aspect that makes something look either well done or tacky, so when buying a piece of furniture, for example, look for thread breakage, notice the small details, and in order to avoid big finishing mistakes opt for the simplest designs. That also applies on customizing at the carpenter’s or in upholstery, don’t make the task too complicated for him to finish quickly, his time equals money and if you don’t want to pay a lot, you have to simplify the job.


Choose discreet yet thick and heavy-duty materials that are not hard to work with nor to maintain. It is very important to KEEP your home looking expensive even after using it for a few years. If you know you can’t handle a white fabric couch, for example, don’t buy it, it gets dirty really fast and needs a lot of care.

You can also consider imitating some luxurious textiles for accessorizing, but remember not to overdo it. Certain textiles have a more luxurious appeal than others. Faux fur, for example, instantly brings a touch of charm to a space, such as on a throw or accent pillow.


Art makes a home feel more personal, so it’s important that you choose an item that you like. It doesn’t have to be necessarily a painting, you can go for sculpture, photography, etc. A designer would definitely go for big artworks rather than small ones. One statement piece is always better than several focal points in one area.


Having the time for designing a space, not just furnishing it randomly, is one type of luxury. This is why your flooring needs to be well thought and taken care of. Either you go for marble, concrete, wood, ceramic tiles, etc, they can all look stylish in their own way. But whatever your choice is, always consider your flooring when buying furniture. They need to match as if they were made for each other, considering style, color, and texture.

Take good care of your floor, whatever treatment your flooring needs, don’t ever neglect it.


Who doesn’t like a nice mirror, it’s useful, and it makes a room look bigger, brighter and fancier.

There are different ways you can experiment with mirrors, different shapes, reflections, colors etc. And all of them are designer approved. No questions asked. You can also check  Why using mirrors is the best interior design hack of all time.


Doors, passages, furniture, pictures, art, boards etc. anything can be framed, and you’ll be surprised to see how much a nice simple frame can affect your space.  Framing means well defining the edges of an object, or space, in order to give it more value. It doesn’t necessarily involve the traditional wooden frame we hang our pictures in, even though it is an option. There are plenty of ways for framing an item, some are more explicit than others, like painting the edges of an opening, using similar objects from each side, or maybe using linear light tracks in a hallway for example.


Storage space is a must in every home, and the more stuff you own the more you will need to hide. Having too much displayed, or not enough space for your stuff can make your space look messy. And THAT is not a chic look. Think about the most expensive stores you know, do they display everything and anything? The answer is no, because they want to give their products the value and attention they deserve. And that’s exactly what you also need to do in order to make your home look more expensive. Make sure you have enough space for everything, and if you don’t, you might want to declutter your cabinets and closets.


False ceilings can take your space to a whole other level, as long as they are minimalistic and clean. Don’t overdo the design with shapes and colors and textures you don’t really need, it will only make everything look cheaper. Pick a style that goes well with your furniture, use indirect light, discreet spotlights if needed and everything will go well.

If false ceilings are not an option, moldings can be useful, or even nice lighting fixtures.


Lighting design is crucial for great interiors, but some luminaires can really help styling and giving an expensive vibe to a space. Direct light is especially effective for creating an outstanding ambiance. For example, lighting artworks or display shelves can bring your interior to another level of chic.

BONUS tip: Clean and tidy are characteristics of fancy, so if you’re not capable of doing much for your décor, you can always take time to keep your space as minimalist as possible and out of clutter. Having a nice clean base and you can add some style later.

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