Trends to add to your interior in 2019

Design, Interiors / Friday, January 11th, 2019

2019 is all about revisiting bold trends that we already know from previous decades in a simple and sophisticated manner. Modernizing old patterns, shapes and textures is what we prepared for in 2018, but now is the time to truly venture in some BOLD decision making.


Just like in fashion, animals prints, exotic and even geometrics are back. You can now add some bold leopard and zebra accessories or a nice tribal carpet to your living space. Just make sure not to overdo it, one accent element is enough to make your interior pop.

Photo by Trang Nguyen on Unsplash

2- MIX and match

Old and new, feminine and masculine, light and dark, this year is all about the contrast. Don’t stick to one style, try to add opposite colors, materials or shapes. This will make your space look much more interesting.

3- Brazilian influence

We are waving goodbye to Scandinavian designs (even though we love them), and saying hello to Brazilian designers, with their exotic style and materials. Strong dark wood veins with a curvy polished finish is a BIG yes this season.

4-Curved furniture

Curved, round and angular pieces are here to add warmth and fun to your spaces. Realizing that we don’t necessarily always have to stick by the strict architectural axes can be truly liberating. Some rooms need a certain angle to be well furnished and fully optimized in terms of space efficiency. Others just need a touch of friendliness.

5-Comfortable furniture

This trend has to stay forever, good design is the one we can actually use and love. And we just cannot love a piece that we don’t feel comfortable in. So let’s say form follows wellness this year!


Wallpapers are back even in bathrooms and kitchens! Tons of choices are available and will look absolutely gorgeous behind your couches and beds. You can choose between different patterns, textures, and even paintings.

7-Eclectic art

This year buy art that you fall in love with, even if it’s crazy or a bit too daring. Art is supposed to make you look, make you think and make you feel things that you won’t experience while looking a plain wall. So go ahead and dare to buy a painting or sculpture that will grab your friends’ attention and make a conversation (or maybe a discussion) in your future gatherings.

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