Things you should STOP doing so you can work better from home.

Interiors, Lifestyle / Sunday, April 19th, 2020

While some freelancers have mastered the art of working from home, a lot of people are still finding it hard to focus during the lockdown. Whether you’re working from your dining table, from your bed or even if you’re lucky enough to have a home office, you might be struggling with eliminating distractions. But you should know that it isn’t impossible, because here is where home styling comes to the rescue. All you have to do is set the mood for work, and you’ll suddenly find yourself being more productive than ever!


Stop working from bed

work from bed
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As tempting as it sounds, it is not healthy to work where you sleep for a couple of reasons.

First,  you just can’t separate your “personal” time from your “professional” time that way. I remember times when I dreamt about my design projects in my sleep. That’s because I didn’t set these boundaries and felt like I had to be working at all times, and made my subconscious work too!

Second, it’s just dirty, keep in mind that not only your laptop has been everywhere, but your skin also releases natural oils that make your sheets and pillow dirty and therefore can cause acne on your cheeks. But if you have to stay in bed, consider changing the sheets every other day.

Separate the sleeping area from the working area, and find a seat that makes you comfortable while keeping your posture straight so you can work better from home.


Stop dimming the lights

dimmed light working from bed
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A mix of natural and artificial lighting that is directed to where you should be looking is a good idea. Studies show that cooler light colors are better for focusing, as for warmer colors tend to make you feel relaxed and cozy. That’s why workspaces almost always have white lighting. So consider changing that light bulb to an ideal 4000K or higher and keep the dimmed lights for romantic evenings.


Stop choosing the busiest room to work in

It goes without saying, but the chances of being distracted in a crowded room are pretty high. Find a less frequented corner in your home. Try sitting on the calmer side of the house, with the least noise and distractions possible.

You can also limit distractions by designating a box for anything that might distract you including your phone, iPad, TV remote, etc… Just ignore the box and come back to it during break hours.


Stop assuming that it’s ok not to plan

Schedule your day even if it’s not in the traditional way, even if you’re enjoying more sleep or day activities and don’t want a 9 to 5. You can get a schedule board, and organize your day however it makes you happy. Setting time limits and visualizing your day ahead are great ways to work better from home and get things done.

Example of a nice wall planner from


Stop treating your desk as a storage cabinet

No, not every single paper you have ever used should be right in front of you. And YES if your desk looks tidy and pretty, it will motivate you to work. Here’s what needs to be on your desk:

  1. Things you are using RIGHT NOW (for example a laptop, mouse, notebook, and a pen.)
  2. A lamp
  3. One decorative item that inspires you and reminds you of why you do what you do.
working better from home begings with a tidy desk
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Try out these simple tricks and you’ll be able to work better from home in no time!

In summary, some of you are exceptionally working from home right now, and others do it quite often, but keep in mind that the world is moving towards remote and decentralized working (which is amazing for our environment), so why not take this opportunity to set your space up for more productive and healthy days ahead.

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