Talking about dark interiors and how to style them

Interiors / Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Some of us just prefer cozy and eccentric over minimal and spacious. And what better way to achieve this kind of look than by darkening the colors! However, dark interiors should be handled delicately and are definitely not for everyone.  

The first step is to choose to paint a wall in black or dark grey or brown for example, or better yet choose a dark shade of your favorite color! It can be navy blue or dark green or red.

Choose the darkest shade of the color you prefer. Then, pick the wall(s) you want to paint, noting that if you still want some light to get in, you have to stick with only one wall (the smallest), and if not, then you can go ahead and paint everything.

dark green interiors

And voila, you have dark murals, but what now? Here are a few tips on how to style your cozy interior:

1- Dare to add color

Dark interiors are the best at making colors pop! Don’t be afraid of investing in statement colorful pieces of furniture that suit your style.

dark wall and floor

2- Contrast art

Art pieces look amazing on a dark wall, you can go for something colorful, light and fun, then add a direct light over it to dramatize the whole scene. Click here to check out incredibly talented artists you can invest in.

art on dark wall

3- Lighting effect

Knowing that black is not really the best at reflecting light, you will need more lighting than usual. Therefore, adding lighting fixtures, floor lamps, indirect light, etc..will help lighten up your dark interiors. Actually, different sources of light, not only enhance the visibility factor but also make the whole mood sexier! And that is definitely a win for coziness.

dark interiors

4- Balance is key

Since your room feels much smaller now, you might want to consider adding a mirror and get furniture with higher legs to create the impression of depth. Check this previous post about making spaces look bigger than they actually are.

At the end of the day, venturing into dark interiors is not an easy decision, and not everyone is into this style. But in art and design, everything is possible, and almost anything can be turned beautiful if styled the right way. You can check this Pinterest board that we found to get more inspiration.

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