Romantic interiors, spaces to fall in love in, or with?

Interiors, Lifestyle / Saturday, February 9th, 2019

Modern romantic interiors are the ones we enjoy most, the ones that are the softest and easiest on all of our fives senses. It is a package that makes a room feel cozy, humble and sexy all at once.

Let’s explore the different ways we can achieve a romantic look through our senses.


The first thing that strikes us in romantic interiors is how they look to our eyes. The key is to use soft colors, even when choosing red, make sure it is a pale or dark shade instead of a bright one. Floral patterns -and real flowers- are also a nice way to introduce some romance into the room.

flowers in romantic interiors

You should also think about light and how it’s entering and reflecting in your interior. Therefore choose filtered and soft lighting, making its way through sheer curtains and mesh luminaires or maybe even a bed canopy. You can also choose to add a magical touch by making this subtle light reflect through crystals and mirrors.


How the furniture feels to our skin can really make or break the deal. We should be comfortable sitting on the couch and touching the cushions and accessories in order to enjoy spending time on it. That’s why you should opt for smooth fabrics like silk, velour, linen or satin.

And what do you also feel? Heat. So it goes without saying that a nice fireplace can really take the romantic vibes to another level, especially in the winter days! As for the summer days, a light cold breeze can make a big difference in your mood.

romantic interior


A bad smell can ruin the whole mood, no smell is okay, but a nice smell is definitely a big bonus. Some of the elements that you could add are plants, flowers, and scented candles or fresheners. They will also look great! It’s important to know that design, and romantic interiors precisely are all about how we feel while using them. It is not just about creating a nice magazine-worthy picture, it’s more about what they add to our lives. 

fall romance


They say that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But let’s just admit that this works for women too! Who doesn’t fall for a delicious meal and a good glass of wine?! That being the case, you should invest in a stylish alcohol cabinet or even a bar, you should also take good care of your kitchen and dining room. When you’re eating/cooking in an enjoyable setting, you will love the dish, and the person you’re sharing it with, even more.

valentines day interior design

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Listening to agreeable sounds adds an amazing vibe to the place. Making a musical instrument part of your romantic interior like a piano, a violin or a guitar (depends on your taste in music) is a great idea. But if you’re lucky enough to have space for a garden, it can bring all the romantic natural sounds to your indoors, you just need the open up and let the music in.

music and romance

Photo by George Coletrain on Unsplash

Sixth sense: Nostalgia

Even if you’re into modern interiors, you can always mix it up with some vintage styles like Victorian, Mediterranean, French country, Tuscan, etc.. These pieces will bring feelings of warmth and coziness to your home.

romantic ambiance

In the end, romance can be modernized, it can be a mix and match, it can be anything you want it to be. Because it’s not about the style it is more about how it makes you feel and about the sensory experience you will engage in.

Romantic interior design

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