Interiors / Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Yes. You should prepare your home for summer, just like you change your wardrobe when seasons change. The goal is to keep your space cool and fresh during the hot days.

Lighten up

LIGHT BRIGHT colors for your accessories, curtains, carpets, and anything you are willing to change for the next 3 to 6 months are a definitive MUST around summer, as they bring a fresh vibe and a cooler temperature around the house.

Cool curtains

Fabric that breathes.Cotton linen lace. Providing shade while enjoying summer’s sun. You can either choose white or colorful ones, the important thing is to keep your choice as fresh as possible.

Plants and flowers

Invite summer indoors. Adding some plants and flowers to your space can really add a fresh and beautiful touch

Prepare your outdoor space/ balcony

What is summer without being able to enjoy the outdoors? Prepare your terraces and balconies by:

  • Choosing the right furniture (Waterproof materials that don’t fade, heat, nor deteriorates when exposed to the sun for a while.)
  • A swing  or some fun furniture for interactive gatherings
  • Some summery plants and flowers
  • A water fountain or wall for freshness
  • A parasol or canopy to provide shade

Decorative Air-conditioning units / Decorative fans

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash


Ceiling fans can really be very aesthetic and useful in summer. They provide comfort and dramatically reduce your energy bills.

Decorative AC units for the harder days

Remember to check up on your AC and fans before the heat hits hard

Water elements freshness

Adding some water in the Indoors can also be a great idea! If by using a waterfall unit, an aquarium, or a simple vase, water is a piece of art that will reflect light, bring some cool breeze and

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