Peaceful living room interiors that will inspire you to redecorate.

Interiors / Thursday, May 23rd, 2019
A living room is a piece of our homes where we need to feel at peace physically and mentally. And the best interior design studios from around the world understand that no matter where you live, your living room is where it really should feel easy on the eyes and the heart.

But that doesn’t, in any way, mean that it shouldn’t also be stylish, personalized, and elegant. Therefore we gathered a few living room interiors designed by high-end interior designers, so you can get inspired and motivated to freshen up your home.

9 peaceful living room interiors that will make you want to redecorate.


Fleur Delesalle – Paris

A mix of pastel colors, neutrals, and round edges is the secret recipe for these amazing Parisian “Fleur Delesalle-” interiors. They are comfortable, fun and elegant all at once. The colorful mid-century furniture with the baroque fireplace and modern art makes these interiors very unique, as it feels like a fusion of different eras of history.

9 peaceful living room interiors that will make you want to redecorate.
Fleur Delesalle – Paris

9 peaceful living room interiors that will make you want to redecorate.
Fleur Delesalle – Paris

Asplund Klingstedt interior

The below “Asplund Klingstedt” interior also has this light, comfy feel that makes you just want to stay home even on a sunny day! The Swedish design, is rich yet simple matching whites, light wood textures, and a nice touch of burgundy. The black window frame adds a bit of an edge to this beautifully soft living space giving a pretty sexy vibe. Click here to learn more about how to add style to you home

9 peaceful living room interiors that will make you want to redecorate.
Asplund Klingstedt interior – Stockholm Photo by Frederik Sweger

peaceful and colorful living space
Asplund Klingstedt interior – Stockholm Photo by Frederik Sweger

Kate Marker interiors

Americans also have their own way of imagining beautiful living rooms. Their furniture is always the most comfortable of all. The following designs are from “Kate Marker interiors – Illinois”. The first one is a modern, dark living room mixing white, black, camel leather, and grey. A stylish fireplace brings warmth and style to the beautiful bold yet simple TV unit. This space represents the perfect contrast between light, rustic, and minimal.

contrast living space interior
Kate Marker interiors – Illinois Photo by Emily Kennedy

The second interior is a more traditional look, it also gives a feeling of comfort and ease with the light colors and simple forms. The use of this nice teal blue is really calming and helps the overall fresh but luxurious mood.

peaceful interiors
Kate Marker interiors – Illinois

Studio Collins Weir

Also from the United States, a stunning interior by “Studio Collins Weir” is truly inspiring. The royal burgundy round sofa – upholstered in rich plum mohair from Mokum fabrics – with the full Calacatta coffee table, surrounded by white walls, high ceiling, and a brass luminaire, are what we can call pure luxury.

9 peaceful living room interiors that will make you want to redecorate.
Studio Collins Weir – San Fransisco

We can see below another great living area in a less flashy, but very elegant modern and minimal fireplace setting. This is a great example of contrast made in sober color palettes. It highlights the chimney, makes the white chairs pop-out, and is softened by the addition of light wood color.

seating next to fireplace
Studio Collins Weir – San Fransisco Photo by Nick Johnson Interiors

Agency Veronique Cotrel

Going back to Paris, Agency Veronique Cotrel, in a fabulous electric blue surrounded by books, white, mirrors, and wood. The use of mirrors really brightens up the room especially in the presence of big windows, the books bring coziness, and wood gives a warm feel, PERFECT combination!

fancy living space with library
Agency Veronique Cotrel – Paris

On a more colorful note, Studio Veronique Cotrel designs this pretty waiting room below. It is clearly not as comfortable as a living room, but definitely classy and fun. These Parisian interiors prove that the French really do know how to play around with colors. They keep it clean and chic with a touch of fun. What a talent!

colorful living room
Agency Veronique Cotrel – Paris (Waiting room)
Finally, if you enjoy calm and peaceful interiors you might want to consider incorporating a minimalist mindset to your life. Start by reevaluating your home. Think about your actual needs, what is necessary and what is really worthy of being in your home. You can visit this previous post to learn more about minimalism.

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