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Organizing your closet might take a whole day and even days of work. So why not organize it in a way that it STAYS tidy for a much longer time than it usually does. Take the time to organize smart and optimize your closet space.

Replace your shoe shelves with shoe racks

Replacing shelves with shoe racks is a great way to optimize your shoes’ space and keep them all visible at all time. There are different shapes of shoe racks that you can buy, the best ones are the non-slippery.

Use drawer dividers for belts, scarves, underwear etc.

Drawer dividers can be very useful in terms of organization. You can choose the material you like from textile, wood, or paper, depending on your budget.

Boxes instead of drawers

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

If you’re thinking about adding some drawers to your closet, you might want to consider using boxes instead. They are a cheap alternative for drawers, they make organizing easier, they are more space efficient, they can be put in “dead spaces” like behind purses or under hanged clothes and can be a great style upgrade to your wardrobe.

Remove/donate/repurpose clothes that you don’t wear


No matter how pretty your closet is, it won’t look nice nor be practical if it’s a mess. So before thinking about getting more space for your stuff, you might want to rethink what you own and what you actually need and use and what you don’t. So decluttering is definitely the first step towards a nicer closet.

Pro tip: You know a piece of clothing doesn’t belong to your wardrobe anymore when it didn’t move away from it for a long time.

Organize by theme

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

Now having a good solid base of clothes we actually wear is one step forward to the next one. If you’re not the type that buys full outfits and likes to mix and match, you can choose to organize your garments by type. Which means placing similar pieces together and creating different “zones” in your closet. So when you’re going to work for example you’ll know exactly where to look, and when going for a night out, you wouldn’t have to throw out all the “work” shirts you placed in the first row during the week.

Types we propose: Work – night out – weekend – Gym – formal – cocktail dresses. It really depends on your lifestyle and priorities.

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