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It is extremely important for our well-being to be comfortable and happy in our own space. It should feel and look astonishing while reflecting our personality and lifestyle. Hiring a professional will help you achieve that dream space by exploring, planning, and curating the best solution.

Every designer has his own style, but they all focus on the client first. However, he cannot predict your own personal taste and preferences. So what you need to do, is to provide him with ALL the necessary information in order to get the best results in the minimum amount of time while avoiding misunderstandings. Here is a list of things you need to think about and prepare before hiring an interior architect.

List your needs, and be honest about your lifestyle

It is very important that your space be practical, and in order to be that way, it has to fit your personal lifestyle. So before thinking about what colors you want that room to be or what painting you’d like to hang, you need to list your needs.

If you have difficulty expressing what you want from a space, think about every room in that architecture by understanding what is the purpose of it and try answering these questions:

What do you NEED from this space? When will you use? HOW will you use it? What type of activity do you do in it? Who will be participating? What age are they? Etc.

Note your answers and talk about them with your designer.

Know your deepest desires – your dream home – your dream lifestyle

Having set your needs, now is time for desires. Everyone has dreamt about the perfect home, the one that seems impossible and would make them utterly happy. Don’t be afraid to go to extremes with your imagination and fantasies, it’s ok not to want a regular home, and it’s ok to dream at first.

Now it’s time to answer questions like: What do I want to feel in that space? What do I want to see every day when I come back from work? What do I dream of having inside my home?

Of course, not everything we dream of is accessible, especially if we limit our budget, but giving our desires a chance may help us achieve an interior that not only does the job, but also that we actually LOVE.

Be clear about your budget

A lot of times clients don’t tell their designer about their budget limits and go too far with their demands without knowing that some designs are actually expensive to produce, and then get a bad surprise when pricing with sub-contractors. In that case, the design gets redone, and the deadlines get postponed in order to meet the budget expectations.

So unless you have an open budget and want to create an amazing space no matter the price, talk to your designer about your budget from day one and you can always find a great interior that matches your expectations.

Think about moods and do your own little research

Sometimes your desires and needs can be shaped into different (relevant) interiors, so making a small research and showing your designer what you like and what you don’t like can make a big difference in his orientation.

Be realistic with deadlines

Sometimes for some reason, people are limited with time, and that is normal. But it is important to know that renovations and production need time in order to be well done. In ten years you will not remember that one month you rented a room, but you will certainly notice a good finishing.

If you have an urgent case try contacting your designer the soonest possible and discuss with him your case, you might find a great solution that works for you both.

TRUST your interior designer and be open to new and better suggestions

Sometimes we are so focused on our ideas that we forget to look at things from different perspectives. An interior designer might offer you these other visions and being open to new ideas from his side will definitely make an upgrade to your space.

If you don’t trust your designer, just don’t hire him. Take your time to choose a designer with a portfolio that suits you and after that just have positive attitude towards him, accepting that in his profession, he knows way more than you do on the technical level, he has experience in the field, he has seen so much great designs at exhibitions and big projects, and he has lots of great ideas to offer if you just give him a chance. Not that you have to follow what he says blindly but just acknowledging that he can add a lot to your ideas is a major step towards a better interior.

In conclusion, we can say that being positive, honest, realistic, and talking about everything that comes to your mind with your designer is a must. And in order to get the best out of this experience, you need to have an open mind and a good attitude.

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