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No space? No problem, there are plenty of ways to make your home look and feel bigger and brighter. Here are a few simple techniques to incorporate in your interior right away to see some major changes. You’ll be surprised how much these details can make an impact on your space!

Light colors

Darker colors absorb light and make a room look smaller than it actually is. On the other hand, neutral tones and lighter colors reflect light, making a room look bigger and brighter. So choosing light colors for walls, floors, ceilings, and large furniture plays a major role in opening up a space (shades of white are usually the most effective). For other pieces like couches, armchairs and benches try going for light pastels or neutrals in order to maximize that airy-space effect.

Having made a nice light-colored base, you can mix it up with some fun and fresh colors with small accessories like pillows, vases, planters etc.

As for the plafond, if you are not lucky enough to have a high ceiling, you can paint it with a bright light color or maybe incorporate a mirror for it to appear taller.

Bonus tip: In case you want to add color to your walls, choose the smallest and most lighted wall in the room, this way you avoid making it look shrunk down by a massive color surface.


Invest in lamps and led spotlights, fill up your space with all kinds of natural, artificial and ambiance lighting. With no dark corners, a light-filled room will naturally appear larger and more inviting. And by opening up the windows you will connect the room to the outdoors, further enhancing the feeling of space. Also, make sure your outdoor space is visually pleasing and inviting (CHECK LINK) for a nicer background.


Choose light materials for your curtains, hang them from the edge of the ceiling rather than from the top of the door. This way, the windows will look larger and taller. And once you’ve got that covered…Open them up and let all that natural light in!


Choosing a carpet can be pretty delicate for a small space. So in order to get it right, opt for a size large enough that you can place the front feet of the furniture on it. A good carpet dimension allows the eye to travel through the space from end to end making it appear more spacious. Avoid small rugs, as they can visually limit your space resulting in a tiny room look.

If you have an open space apartment, consider defining each zone with a different carpet, choosing colors that match. That way your room will appear bigger just for having different areas.


Furniture plays a major role in shaping a room, from style to selection, positioning, and usage.

First of all, look for multi-functional pieces of furniture and find a place for hidden storage. This way you can end up with a minimalist room, allowing you to have more free space.

Second of all, you have to pre-plan your layout before buying furniture in order to optimize your space. Which leads us to positioning the different items. Place large items against walls and don’t allow them to block passages, keeping all your area visually accessible, therefore creating the illusion of a bigger space.

You also need to buy furniture pieces that are the right size, not too big that it’ll seem too bulky and take up too much space, nor too small, that you’ll end up not having room for everyone on your sofa. Remember that balance is key.

Choose furniture with legs. Lifting your couches and coffee tables allows you to actually see the floor behind them. This way you’ll have the feel of a larger space.

As for closets, cabinets, and bookcases, install floor to ceiling elements, giving some extra storage area

Bonus tip: Declutter your space. Remove everything you don’t use or need. Remember that empty spaces are just as important as decorated ones, so removing those unwanted old toys and empty bottles from the bookcase can really make that nice vase pop.


It’s safe to say that reflecting a room doubles its area, at least visually! The best thing about mirrors is that you cannot go wrong. It always works. It makes your small room look bigger and brighter. You should consider placing your mirrors in front of light sources, maybe windows or luminaires, in order to reflect the light as well.


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