3 ways to warm up your home this winter

Interiors, Lifestyle / Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Winter is here! And step 1 in preparing for the season definitely involves the fireplaces. Whether it is by:

-Rearranging the furniture in its direction (think of a more cozy setting)
-Re-styling an existing one (think color, material, surrounding art pieces)
-Or investing in a new piece (could be central, recessed, suspended etc… Depending on the shape of your space)

Make sure that your fireplace matches the whole style of your room, it could be rustic, contemporary, French style, minimal, industrial, etc… Art pieces and accent furniture are generally recommended but it really depends on your style.

Step 2 in preparing for winter includes all types of “warm” accessories like a sheep wool blanket, a carpet, and lots of cushions. Adding these elements makes your home feel cozier and much more suitable for the season!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Step 3 is adding artificial light, as the skies get gloomy. Different light sources are always better than one . Just make sure to pick the right color temperature.

Stay warm!

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