10 mistakes to avoid while renovating a bedroom

Design, Interiors, Lifestyle / Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Thinking about renovating your bedroom? Did you ever wish you had it done differently? What were these mistakes, and how can we reach the perfect bedroom design? Even though there are many personal preferences variations, some common errors do still persist. Meaning that the solutions can vary but the mistakes we see, as interior designers, are quite universal! But don’t worry, as long as you consider these few mistakes to avoid making along the way, you should be fine. This checklist will help you create a bedroom that you will love forever.

10 mistakes to avoid while renovating a bedroom

1. Not customizing your closet

Low closets are a big NO-NO, they are a complete waste of space and are not efficient at all. To get the perfect closet, first, you have to consider how much space you need for each type of clothing you own. Then you can proceed to customize your closet depending on your own needs. Hiring a professional will also save you a lot of time.

You should also consider other types of storage spaces like under the bed, inside the bench and anywhere you can. These small boxes can be great for extra pillows, seasonal bed coverings, extra bed sheets, etc…

2. Not considering a desk

A desk in the bedroom is a necessity for some people. If you live with other people and you write or use a laptop frequently, then you might be one of them. But if you know you’ll never use it, then it will just be a waste of space with a pile of clutter over it. So plan your bedroom’s layout and think about how you will use it.

3. Not Investing in good quality

This is probably the most important advice of all. Nothing says timeless chic like good quality. You might pay a little more now but you’ll thank yourself decades later. First of all, high-end wood lasts way longer and is hard to break or deteriorate. Second, comfortable mattress and pillows help you avoid back and neck pain. Third, good quality linens won’t wear out after a few washes. They will stay smooth and comfy for a lifetime.

4. Not installing good lighting

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing from a store, and came out to see a completely different color in the sun? That’s because the store has very bad lighting. If you do your make up and get dressed in your bedroom, you need to choose the Sunlight light bulbs (also known as full-spectrum light bulbs). They are specially designed LED bulbs that emit light relative to the visible section of the solar spectrum. This way you’ll be able to see you’re outfit exactly as outside and textile and paint color will look right.

It is also recommended to install a dimmer because you don’t always need the same amount of light and being energy-efficient is good for the environment. But remember that not all bulbs work with dimmers, so make sure to buy compatible items.

5.Not including a Tall mirror

This advice works for your bedroom and your entrance hall. A tall mirror is necessary for every house, you should be able to see your shoes and your hair without any effort. So you know if everything is right and works together. Plus, if you workout at home, a mirror is known for increasing your motivation and persistence. You can also check this previous post where we talk about how and why using mirrors in your apartment affects your interior positively.

6.Not choosing the right colors.

If you don’t like to change your interior every once in a while, then strong colors are not a good choice, especially for the closets. Opt for colors that will make you feel comfortable and calm like neutrals or light wood colors.  And if you feel like adding vibrant or dark colors, there are always accessories, sheets or even a wall that you can play around with. Here are more details about choosing the right colors in interior design.

7.Not including a Nightstand

Nightstands are so important, they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. No matter what you choose, never assume that you won’t need one. It’s where you put your alarm, a cup of water, tissues, a book you’re reading.

8. Underestimating Privacy

Your bedroom is the second most private room in the house, after the bathroom of course! So choosing full blackout curtains is a must for two reasons, privacy, and sunlight. No one wants a neighbor watching them sleep or get dressed, after all, there are plenty of perverts out there. As for the light, even if you think you like the sun to wake you up at 5:00 in the morning, don’t risk it, sometimes you do need more sleep.

9. Not picturing your daily routine

While designing any room, you should think about your lifestyle, how you like to do things, and how much time you spend in the room. You can write down what a detailed normal day schedule would look like for you and draw a layout accordingly. And if you’re an interior designer, doing this for your client will also help you make the right choices. Bedrooms tend to be very personal and shouldn’t be treated like just another hotel or rental apartment standard room layout.

10. Not hiring a professional

If you ever feel like this is too hard for you or you don’t have time for it, don’t hesitate to contact an interior designer. They would love to help and will probably save you a ton of mistakes. You will thank yourself later for the investment.

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